Aims & Constitution


To organise an annual show in the Barlaston Village Hall at which Villagers and their can display items that of produce that they have grown, displays of flowers that they have arranged, food that they have cooked or artwork that they have created. The Show will involve competition so that Villagers can engage in friendly rivalry.

The Show Committee will work with organisations in the Village to encourage and secure their participation in the event.

It will be the responsibility of participating organisations to establish the ground rules to be followed by competitors in the Show.


The Committee shall comprise a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer to be elected at an Annual General Meeting which will be open to all residents of Barlaston.

Up to four other residents can be nominated at the AGM to serve on the Committee. The Committee will have the right to co-opt such other Members as necessary for special duties.

Sub – committees can be set up to address particular issues as directed by the Committee

The Annual General Meeting will be held in January of each year at which a statement of affairs will be given, accounts presented and Officers elected. The Secretary will give 28 days notice of the AGM.

The Committee will take responsibility for establishing the rules on which the Show will be run

The Committee will determine the date on which the Village Show will be held and the programme content of the Show. The Committee will determine how prizes are to be awarded.

The Committee will have responsibility for the Cups and Trophies previously the responsibility of the Barlaston Gardeners Guild. The Committee will be responsible for allocating Trophies and Cups to events and for recovering the Cups and Trophies for reallocation.

It is hoped that the decisions of the Committee will be achieved through a consensus but failing that a simple majority of members will be required to carry a proposal.

All monies received by the Committee will be banked and it will require two signatures of the Committee to withdraw funds from the bank account.

The Committee meetings will be open to the general public to attend and meetings can proceed providing the four Committee members are present.

Constitution approved 18th March 2009.